A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a breast reshaping medical procedure. While it is correct that a breast lift will remove excess skin tissue to lift the sagging breasts, the lift likewise changes the profile of the breasts. The breast lift procedure repositions the breast, increasing the breast volume in the upper area while decreasing the volume of the breast in the lower area.

Will My Breasts Become Bigger after a Breast Lift?

A breast lift will not increase the size of the breasts but there will be a change in the size of the bra cup. The change in the breast’s shape after the surgery is essential to understanding the conclusive outcomes. The consequence of these progressions is that breast volume decreases slightly but not necessarily. However, women will feel subsequently better/comfortable, wearing smaller bra cup sizes because of the change in the shape of the breasts. It is not due to any decrease in the breast size but because of a rise of the breast mass to a more prominent profile. No huge change in size ought to happen with a breast lift procedure alone.

The tissue which is normally removed in a breast lift is a limited quantity of excess skin that has loosened up from the sagging tissue. You may discover how your bra fits will be somewhat different as the excess tissue/skin that has been held by your bra cup will no longer be available.