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Eyes lips nose woman healthy skin macro headshot beauty clean skSigns of aging can be addressed thanks to Voluma, an effective and safe injectable product from Juvederm. With this product, patients can restore volume to gaunt and hollow-looking cheeks. As a result, patients can look younger, more vibrant, and more refreshed. To learn more about Voluma in Hawaii, get in touch with Healy Plastic Surgery.

What Is Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma is an FDA-approved hyaluronic-acid injectable that contains lidocaine and has a gel-like consistency. It is used to reverse volume loss in the cheeks, which occurs naturally during the aging process as tissue is lost from the underlying facial fat layer. Voluma is meant to be applied directly to the cheeks, creating immediate visible results.

This is an effective treatment that has been proven to reverse facial volume loss without patients having to resort to more invasive options like surgery. Voluma has been extensively tested and has been proven to be safe to use. It offers long-lasting results that help patients look younger and more vibrant.

Who Is in Need of Voluma?

Patients who want to reverse the signs of aging in order to restore their more youthful looks would be the ideal candidates for treatments using Voluma. Patients must not have any active skin infections on or near the cheeks and should also have realistic expectations in terms of results.

Your Consultation

Patients who want to come in for Voluma injections will need to schedule a consultation. They will need to answer questions regarding their medical history, general health, and expectations. Their cheeks and facial structure will be carefully examined.

The details of the treatment process will be explained during the consultation to ensure that the patient fully understands the process. If patients have any questions or concerns about the treatment, they can express them at this time.

Your Voluma Session

Juvederm Voluma treatments can be done right away in the office, and the injection process only takes several minutes. Patients can even get it done during their lunch break.

The injections will be delivered into key areas of the cheeks. Because Voluma contains a local anesthetic, the regions will be numbed against any pain, resulting in a more comfortable treatment process.

Voluma Aftercare

Following the session where Voluma was injected, patients can return to work almost immediately. There is no significant downtime or recovery period involved with this treatment. However, for the next day, patients will need to avoid stress, too much exertion, and exposure to too much heat. Minor redness, bruising, and/or swelling may be present for a short time.

How Much Does Voluma Cost?

The cost of Juvederm Voluma treatments can depend on several factors, so patients will need to come in for a consultation to ask about the price. Cost may be influenced by the amount of product used and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

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Learn more about what Voluma in Hawaii has to offer by reaching out to Healy Plastic Surgery today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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