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Pigment Removal
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Closeup of pretty young woman face with blue eyes, curly natural blonde hair, has no makeup, touching her soft skinHyperpigmentation can be treated with the help of laser pigment removal. Hyperpigmentation can be a huge issue for a lot of patients, creating self-consciousness and frustration. With pigment removal, patients can enjoy clear skin that is free of blemishes. To learn more about what pigment removal in Hawaii involves, patients can contact Healy Plastic Surgery.

What Is Pigment Removal?

Laser pigment removal is a procedure that involves the use of laser technology to get rid of or reduce the appearance of pigmentation on the patient’s skin. It’s a safe and proven method of clearing up hyperpigmentation, as well as other skin issues like acne scars and dullness.

The process involves using a device that directs laser energy towards areas of excess pigmentation. The heat from this energy specifically damages the pigment-producing cells. The visibility of the pigment is reduced, and the production of new collagen is encouraged.

Good Candidates for Laser Pigment Removal

Patients who have tried all manner of products and cosmetic treatments to make their pigmentation less visible with disappointing results are good candidates for laser pigment removal. Patients with hypersensitive skin or other skin conditions must discuss this during their consultation.

Your Consultation

To ensure that patients will be able to enjoy the full benefits of laser pigment removal, they will need to first schedule a consultation. This will allow patients to get more information about the procedure.

Their pigmentation issues will be carefully examined, and they will be asked questions about their medical history, including current medications and supplements. If patients have concerns about the procedure, this would be the best time to address them.

Your Pigment Removal Session

Laser pigment removal can be done quickly and shouldn’t typically last more than 15 minutes. The procedure can be performed in the office.

During the session, patients will be required to wear protective eyewear to prevent damage to their eyes. Areas that will not be targeted during the procedure will also need to be covered to prevent accidental exposure. Next, the laser’s handpiece will be used to direct the laser energy towards the areas of excess pigmentation.


Dr. Healy is amazing at what he does… that is all i can say. My results are better than expected!

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Pigment Removal Aftercare

Following the laser pigment removal session, patients can expect some flaking or irritation, which should go away early on in the recovery period. Some mild discomfort will also come up, which can easily be remedied with either pain medication or the use of an ice pack. Patients will be provided with products and instructions to help care for their skin.

How Much Does Pigment Removal Cost?

The cost of pigment removal can differ from case to case and can be affected by a few factors. The severity and location of the hyperpigmentation can affect prices, as can the number of sessions involved.

Schedule Your Consultation

More details about pigment removal in Hawaii are available when patients get in touch with Healy Plastic Surgery to schedule their consultation. Contact us today to set up your appointment and find out more about what this treatment option can do for you.

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