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Restore the plumpness of your lips with Juvederm Ultra in Hawaii. Not only does aging create fine lines and wrinkles, it also has an effect on the fullness of your lips. To improve lip volume and reduce the appearance of midface age lines, Juvederm Ultra can be administered.

What Is Juvederm Ultra?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic-acid-based dermal filler that has been approved by the FDA for lip rejuvenation. It is an injectable filler that is specially formulated to address thinning of the lips, as well as perioral lip lines (also called smoker’s lines). It can also fill in moderate to severe midface lines like parentheses lines, marionette lines, and the nasolabial folds.

The cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules give it a viscous texture, making it ideal for contouring and volumizing your lips. It has a gel-like consistency composed of water, hyaluronic acid, and lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

Am I a Good Candidate for Juvederm Ultra Injections?

Do you want to regain your round pout? Do you want to smooth away the smoker’s lines around your mouth? Then you may be an ideal candidate for Juvederm Ultra treatments.

It is important that you have realistic cosmetic goals regarding this treatment. If you have known allergies to lidocaine or hyaluronic acid, this procedure may not be right for you.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Jeff Healy will perform a physical examination of your target area. Dr. Healy will note the elasticity of your skin and overall skin health. A discussion of your medical history will take place. You will be asked about your underlying conditions, existing allergies, and current medications.

If you have any questions, this is the best time to raise them with Dr. Healy. He will explain the benefits of Juvederm Ultra injections to you, along with the aftercare required.

Your Juvederm Ultra Treatment Session

The first step is cleansing the target area. It will be swabbed with a disinfectant to reduce the chance of infection. Since the Juvederm Ultra injections already contain lidocaine, a topical anesthetic is not necessary. Dr. Healy will inject the dermal filler into your skin with precision to deliver the right amount of hyaluronic acid to specific areas.

You might experience a slight tingling sensation while the Juvederm Ultra fillers enter your skin layers. The procedure can take up to an hour.


You will not need significant downtime or recovery time after your Juvederm Ultra injections. You can go back to work right after the procedure and should notice an immediate improvement in the volume of your lips. The results last for about a year, and you will need follow-up treatments after this time to maintain its effects.

Minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness on the target sites can be expected. These should disappear in the next few days. Lumps and skin discoloration around the injection sites are also fairly common. These should not last for more than 7 days.

How Much Does Juvederm Ultra Cost?

The total cost of Juvederm Ultra treatments varies from patient to patient, because it is a highly individualized procedure tailored to address specific skin concerns. The overall price will depend on the number of injections used for your treatment.

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