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Breast Lift with Augmentation Hawaii

Improving your breast size and shape may require a breast lift with augmentation in Hawaii. Breast implants enhance the volume of your chest, while a breast lift improves the contours for a more natural appearance. This combination of these two surgical procedures result in perky and full breasts.

Implants & Lift

Combining breast implants with a lift is one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery. These two procedures often have opposite goals: breast implants are designed to stretch out the skin of the breast and make it bigger while a breast lift is designed to tighten up the loose skin of the breast and elevate the position of the nipple. The combination procedure deals with opposing forces.

There are many excellent plastic surgeons who refuse to even consider doing the combination of implants and a lift during the same procedure. They insist that their patients do one procedure first (usually the lift) and then come back for the other procedure (usually the implants) in 3-6 months. This staging of procedures gives the surgeon more control over the end result and is the most straight forward way to perform these procedures. However, this involves two separate surgeries and two separate recoveries. A breast lift with implants requires only a single surgery and a single recovery period.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Breast Lift with Augmentation?

Undergoing this combination procedure requires a special set of qualifications, and Dr. Healy will inform you about these during your consultation. You should be in excellent overall health without any underlying conditions that may affect your healing. If you are a smoker, you may not be recommended for the breast lift with implants.

In a select group of patients, Dr. Healy and many other plastic surgeons feel it is acceptable to perform the combination of implants and a breast lift at the same time. This allows one surgery and one recovery period. However, there are trade-offs when doing the combination which are listed below:
od. However, there are trade-offs when doing the combination which are listed below:

  1. Implant size must be modest. Choosing an implant that is too large will not allow the proper degree of skin tightening and positioning that is optimal with the lift.
  2. Type of lift must be appropriate to achieve the desired goals. While some types of breast lifts have minimal scars, they also have minimal ability to lift and shape the breast.
  3. Your breast tissue characteristics will remain the same after your procedure. If you have a lot of stretch marks and your breasts are very droopy, your tissue elasticity and strength is not good. This will not change after surgery and the additional weight of the implants can cause the stretching and droopiness to recur.
  4. There is a higher chance of revisions when doing the combination. Even though every effort will be made to optimize your results at the time of surgery, the long term results may change due to a number of factors. This may require revisional surgery which can involve additional costs.

In summary, the combination procedure of breast implants and a lift can be successfully performed in some patients. However, the patient must realize the difficulty of the combination procedure and accept the trade-offs listed above. In some patients it is a better choice to stage the procedures (lift first, followed by implants at a second procedure).

Your Consultation

During your consultation, a physical evaluation will be performed. Your medical history will be discussed, along with your cosmetic goals. Dr. Healy and his staff will make every effort to educate you about your individual characteristics and help you decide which approach is best for you. We ultimately want you to be happy with your decision and your long-term results.

The Procedure

Your breast augmentation with lift, also often called augmentation mastopexy, starts with marking the target areas, especially the position of the areola while you are standing. Then anesthesia will be administered.

An incision will be made around the areola, which will extend to the front of the breast and may include an incision across the breast crease. The breast tissue will be lifted and reshaped, and excess skin will be removed.

The implants will be inserted in pockets under your pectoral tissue. If necessary, the areolae will be repositioned. The incisions will then be closed with stitches.

Healing and Recovery

After your surgery, your recovery time may take four to six weeks. You will be advised to wear a surgical bra to help with healing. Expect bruising, swelling, and soreness for the first few days. Medication can help relieve any pain or discomfort. Avoid strenuous exercises for several weeks.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Cost

The cost of a breast lift with augmentation will depend on the techniques used by our plastic surgeon at Healy Plastic Surgery. The total price will depend on the anesthesia, type of implants, and other surgical fees.

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