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Thermi Hawaii

Thermi is a non-surgical treatment that tightens and lifts skin with immediate results. A tiny probe is inserted under the skin, delivering controlled radiofrequency energy which gently heats skin and stimulates collagen remodeling, to tone and lift skin, erasing wrinkles and taking years off the face, neck, tummy, knees and breasts.

Thermi Applications:


ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment that uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to tighten and rejuvenate the entire vaginal anatomy. This treatment is great for women of all ages. Especially women who suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, laxity of the vaginal muscles and difficulty accomplishing orgasm. There is absolutely no down time after receiving ThermiVa treatments. You are able to return to your daily activity immediately after having your treatment done.

For those new to ThermiVa, for optimal results treatments should be done in a series of three with three to six week intervals. In order to maintain your results after completing your series of treatments you should do one treatment every 6 months.


During the ThermiTight® application, a tiny probe is used to gently heat specific tissues to a physician selected therapeutic temperature. After the application, a gentle wrap is applied and you may resume normal activities the next day.


Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating

ThermiSmooth® Face is performed using a specially designed temperature controlled hand piece. The hand piece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating.

Important Thermi Safety Considerations
Thermi Radiofrequency products should not be used on patients who are pregnant, have fever or skin infection in or around the the area of application. Treating physicians should perform required testing to confirm patient is negative for infection or pregnancy. Patient should be awake and monitored during the procedure for any unexpected symptoms. Expected procedure side effects may include transient pain in procedure area, erythema and edema.

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