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Surgery Day


Most major surgical cases will be done under general anesthesia. Dr. Healy has a fully certified operating room in the office. Our operating room is credentialed by AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities) which is the gold standard for office based operating suites. Very stringent standards are required to become and remain certified. Annual inspections are performed as well as random case reviews by another plastic surgeon every 6 months. AAAASF ensures the highest standards are maintained to always optimize patient safety.

Your anesthesia will be provided by an MD board-certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Healy hand picks the anesthesiologists who are allowed to provide anesthesia to his patients. These expert anesthesiologists have years of experience in plastic surgery and will do everything to provide the safest, most comfortable and non-stressful experience on your surgery day. Dr. Healy would allow any of his selected anesthesiologists to provide anesthesia for himself or his family members.

The rest of the surgical team will consist of an OR nurse, scrub technician and recovery nurse. All of these individuals have been personally trained by Dr. Healy to ensure each patient has an outstanding experience. They are all highly trained, efficient, professional and most importantly nice. You will feel very comfortable when you meet the team.

Having your procedure done in Dr. Healy’s office OR ensures the utmost in privacy. You will be the only one having surgery at that particular time. This allows one-on-one attention to you and your needs. You will not be placed in a waiting room with 20-30 other people. Family members are encouraged to be with the patient until they are ready to walk back to the OR. They are also invited to be in the recovery room after surgery is complete.

Safety for our patients is our number one priority in everything we do. Dr. Healy’s highly trained team is certified in all aspects of patient safety. We have all of the emergency equipment that might be needed in the extremely rare event that an emergency arises. In addition, Pali Momi Medical Center is literally right across the street from our office. Dr. Healy is an active staff member at Pali Momi and has full admitting privileges and is credentialed to do all of his plastic surgery procedures at Pali Momi. Having privileges to perform his cases at a hospital is another layer of safety to reassure our patients as a strict credentialing process is undertaken before a surgeon is allowed to perform cases at a hospital.

Cleanliness is another important advantage to having your surgery done in Dr. Healy’s office based operating room. Hospitals are full of sick people as they should be. Unfortunately, patients having surgery in a hospital setting are at a higher risk of getting a hospital acquired infection. This complication can be quite serious. Since all of the patients having surgery at Dr. Healy’s office are healthy individuals, the chance of getting an infection is extremely low.


After your surgery is finished, you will be taken to the recovery room. Here your vital signs will be monitored and you will be watched closely by our recovery room nurse as you wake up from the anesthesia. Our nurse is highly trained in recovering patients from anesthesia and will be there one-on-one with you until it is time for you to go home. Our nurse will provide any medications that may be required in the recovery room. Family members are encouraged to be in the recovery room with our patients. Our nurse will go over post-operative instructions with you and your family member to make sure you feel comfortable going home. When you are ready to leave our nurse will take you out to your car in a wheelchair. You will not be able to drive yourself home after having general anesthesia. A responsible adult is required to be with you during the first 24 hours after your surgery.


Some procedures may only require sedation instead of general anesthesia. Sedation usually consists of taking some medicine by mouth right before the procedure to reduce the anxiety and pain you might experience. Procedures such as eyelid surgery, smaller facial procedures and small liposuction procedures can often be performed with sedation.

The actual surgery will be performed in the same certified operating room. Your vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure but you will not be completely asleep, rather drowsy and relaxed. You will not be able to drive yourself home after having sedation.


Some small procedures can be done with just local anesthesia. Injections of the local anesthesia will be given to block the pain. Procedures such as small facial procedures (mole removal, skin cancer removal, etc.) and small scar revisions can usually be performed with local anesthesia. You can drive yourself home after the procedure if only local anesthesia is used.

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