Chemical Peels are a popular non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatment. Targeting the damage present on the outer layer of skin, Chemical Peels work by removing that outer layer to reveal the fresh, clean new layer beneath. There are a variety of chemical peel strengths and the strength of the peel correlates to how deeply it penetrates. What strength of peel you should get depends what kind of issues you are trying to resolve in your skin. During the chemical peel, a solution is applied on the skin which exfoliates and eventually causes it to peel off. It is important to understand that after the peel, the skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so you’ll want to take precautions to limit and avoid sun exposure while you new skin is sensitive.

Typically there are three types or strengths of peels: The Superficial Peel, sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime peel” because it is a quick, shallow exfoliating peel that is performed to treat mild skin discoloration and can help smooth out rough patches of skin. The Medium Peel is the next level up and can penetrate the middle layers of skin to remove damaged skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and some skin growths. The deepest penetrating peel, or Deep Peel, can be performed only one and can remove moderate lines and wrinkles, freckles, shallow scars, and age spots. To learn more about Chemical Peels and find out if they may be right for you, contact our office today.