Celfina is a minimally invasive procedure performed to reduce the appearance of cellulite in less than an hour. This one-time treatment is performed in our office and targets the structural cause of the unwanted cellulite (connective bands in the fat). As the tight bands pull down the skin, that’s when you see the puckering on the surface of the skin. Celfina releases the tension underneath to create a smother appearance in as few as three days after the treatment and can last for two years.

Celfina is a safe and effective FDA-cleared treatment with limited downtime. While most patients are able to return to their daily activities afterwards, some may opt to lay low for 24 hours. Some patients may experiences light soreness or bruising (though 90% of patients experienced no bruising four weeks after the procedure). To learn more about Celfina and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.